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  The iPhone 7 has the highest absolute color accuracy of any display of any kind measured by DisplayMate, meaning it beats out even high-end HDTVs and monitors. Unfortunately, if you crack your iPhone 7, would you like to try a refurbished iPhone 6s? Here are several reasons behind this. The former iPhone 7 cost you a huge amount of money before. If you buy another new one, it may a big burden on your daily life. It is not an environmental-friendly solution to deal with the problem. While a refurbished iPhone 6s is a relatively logical decision. In this way, you can not only save money, but also enjoy the high-performance smartphone as your alternative.>>


  The iPhone 7 sports a number of stunning display specs and features, particularly a multi-touch display with IPS technology, high screen resolution at 325ppi, along with many other features depicting a cutting-edge mobile display technology. But all these can become useless if tinted with some visible symptoms like a flickering display. Buying a screen digitizer is a difficult decision. If you buy a bad quality screen display, it may ruin the performance. In addition, if you repair it by yourself, you may destroy your iPhone completely. Therefore, it is a sensible compromise.>>


  The iPhone usually will come with some new and improved features that lure people to make the change. Like changed outlook design from the squared iPhone 5 to the round edge with the iPhone 6, bigger scree with the iPhone 6/6s or some new technology like the 3D Touch in the iPhone 6s. All these advanced feature will give you more moment. You may have a more comfortable viewing experience from the bigger screen, whether that's for web browsing, email reading or video watching. Theoretically, the new iPhone is also faster, coming with a faster processor than the previous one on the older model. This should make processing twice as fast, although the difference isn't always very noticeable in everyday use. For some people, the ability to connect over 4G is a big advantage to the new iPhone. 4G isn't available everywhere, or with all mobile service providers, but where it is available you get faster mobile internet speeds. In most cases, you also get better battery life on the new iPhone, with Apple claiming that you get an extra hour of web surfing, an extra two hours of 3G use and a huge extra twenty five hours of standby time on the new battery. If you use your phone often, this extra battery life might be worth the cost. In addition, the new iPhone usually is thinner and lighter than older models, despite having a larger screen making it that much easier to carry around with you.>>


  Our iPhone 6s features the beautiful 4.7 inch Retina display with 1334-by-750-pixel at 326 PPI. 3D Touch is Apple's iPhone-specific name for the Force Touch feature it introduced with the Apple Watch. It allows the phone to understand the difference between the user tapping on the screen, pressing on the screen for a short time, and pressing the screen for a long time, and then to react differently. The 3D Touch screen is also required to use the Live Photos feature of the 6S series, which transforms still photos into short animations. Almost every version of the iPhone has a better camera than its predecessor did. The iPhone 6S has a 12-megapixel camera on the back that can record video at 4K HD resolution; the 6's camera is 8 megapixels and records up to 1080p HD. The user-facing camera on the 6S is 5 megapixels and can use the screen as a flash for taking selfies in low light, while the same camera on the 6 is 1.2 megapixels and has no flash.>>


  Actually, the refurbished iPhone 6S gives you an opportunity to stand out in the crowd. It can fully replace your cracked iPhone 7. Don’t be sad anymore. The decision to buying refurbished iPhone 6s ultimately depends on one’s needs, preferences and budget. A refurbished unlocked iPhone 6s is a logical and personalized choice for most of the end users.>>

Chris Paul

  The Galaxy S7 edge comes with a larger, 5.5-inch Quad HD (2560x1440) Super AMOLED display, which is curved on both sides, and packs a pixel density of 534ppi — lower than before (577ppi), due to an increase in display size. It now has the same screen size as Apple’s iPhone 6S Plus, but fits in a smaller footprint. Around this time, a lot of people are looking for a new smartphone and this is the perfect time to select one as well. What on earth does the Galaxy S7 edge function well? >>


  By laying your eyes on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, you can be sure that it’s a stunningly beautiful device. Perhaps, it is one of the best devices Samsung has ever designed. But surely beauty is highly subjective and one thing that looks amazing to me might not look so to you. This article will aim to highlight the extraordinarily great aspects of the device so that you can differentiate it from other smartphones available in the market. We will also be listing some of the negatives of the device so you will be well aware of the shortcomings before you spend a small fortune on it. So without further ado, let’s start with the positives of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.>>


  The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is without a doubt one of the most beautiful looking devices to be released in recent times. Samsung changed their whole design philosophy with the release of Samsung Galaxy S6 and they are continuing that forward with the S7 series. We were expecting to see a unibody design and Samsung delivered that this year as well. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is constructed with a combination of metal and glass and feels really premium to the touch. On the edges of the smartphone you’ll find a metallic frame and on the back, you’ll find a sturdy glass. Suffice to say the smartphone looks incredible in all three colors it is available in. The way the back shines in light is truly remarkable and will move some heads when you take it out of your pocket.>>


  Samsung has always been on their incredible looking screens and this time, it’s no different. The 5.5-inch Super AMOLED screen featured on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge looks amazing. It is also a lot brighter than the models released last year and comes with a QHD resolution. This results in an astonishing 534 PPI pixel density. In layman terms, the screen looks incredibly sharp and beautiful. The text is superb and the picture quality is very crisp. The viewing angles are some of the best ones I’ve ever witnessed on a smartphone. The 76.1% screen to body ratio makes the smartphone compact despite having a 5.5-inch large-screen. As a matter of fact, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge looks relatively smaller than the iPhone 6S Plus that features the exact same screen size.>>


  The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a 12-megapixel main camera. It may seem a little low on the megapixels but Samsung has improved a lot of things. We all know that a simple megapixel count is not a perfect representative of the picture quality a camera is able to capture. This is exactly the case with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The camera has an f/1.7 aperture and 26 MM focal length. It also features a larger 1/2.6’’ sensor size and a bigger 1.4 µm pixel size. What do these numbers all mean? Well, this means that the camera is able to capture more light and produce a sharper image. A large pixel size allows more light to shine through the camera and makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge the undisputed King of lowlight photography. Another great thing about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is that it comes with true slow-motion shooting capabilities. The smartphone captures slow-motion video at the resolution of 720p at 240 frames per second. This slow-motion is on par with what the latest Apple iPhones have to offer.>>


Samsung has really made strides in making them the best Android smartphone producer in the world. Little things like this stunning camera allow the company to capture the attention of almost every tech lover. This Samsung Galaxy S7 edge LCD display digitizer is tested before shipping. We offer the original screen digitizer. If you have any further question in terms of the display screen, we have 120 days money back service. Kind customer service and guide will prepare for you. >>

Chris Paul

  In the recent years, the Android has grasped this golden chance in promoting their smart devices, especially the cell phones. Maybe you’d prefer a wonderful camera, some are eager to get the high-definition content of images and video. And others fancy the gorgeous appearance. Different persons have the different evaluations in terms of the smartphones. This is a comprehensive issue, you need to bear in mind that the category of smartphones you choose depends on your private requirements. The decision will be easier for you when you finished this article in the light of choosing the cell phones.>>


The first one: Samsung Galaxy S8>>

  There’s a new monarch that rules over Android country, and its name is the Samsung Galaxy S8. With a top-tier display, powerful performance and the latest version of Android, it’s the envy of the kingdom. The first thing you’ll notice about the Samsung Galaxy S8 is its stunning 5.8-inch quad HD screen, which is bezel-less and takes up almost all the room on the front of the phone. You’ll next notice that it’s super speedy, thanks to its octa-core (2.3GHz quad + 1.7GHz quad) 64-bit processor and 4GB of RAM. Other big-ticket features include an eight-megapixel front-facing camera for selfies, a 12-megapixel back camera, 4K video recording and a micro SD card slot for adding more storage on the fly. The phone comes in the following five colors: midnight black, orchid gray, coral blue, arctic silver and maple gold.>>


The second one: Samsung Galaxy S7>>

  The S7’s major selling points have nothing to do with individual components or features—like a high-megapixel camera or long-lasting battery (though it certainly has both). The S7 is more an exercise in balance. It’s a jack of all trades, capable of delivering performance, reliability and longevity on par with that of the iPhone. In short, it packs a whole lot of tech into a super sleek, super slim package. The 12-megapixel main camera promises solid image resolution; and the 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 820 CPU provides a solid foundation for gaming, browsing, sharing, texting, listening and every other smartphone activity. It also features a super sharp 5.1-inch AMOLED screen, a water-repellent coating and a Micro SD slot.>>


The third one: LG G5>>

  The LG G5 is unique among competitors in that it features a semi-modular build. This allows you to slide out the bottom of the device and switch in various accessories and components. The most compelling of these modules is the battery, a factor which may intrigue smartphone users who are tired of their batteries croaking before their phones. You can also add USB accessories like a camera grip or digital-to-analog converter. The modular capabilities are somewhat limited, so don’t expect your smartphone experience to be completely revolutionized. However, this very feature allows for something quite unexpected: an awesome, highly versatile camera. It’s actually two cameras in one: The main, rear camera features both a 16-megapixel sensor with a 78-degree lens and an eight-megapixel sensor with a 135-degree, wide-angle lens. Even the front-facing camera is above average at eight megapixels. Add in the camera grip enabled by the modular design and you have a fairly novel camera experience for the world of smartphones.>>


The fourth one: Moto Z Play>>

  The Moto Z Play can be equipped with any number of Snap-On customizations that do everything from boost sound quality to add 10x optical zoom. But even if you eschew the accessories, the Z Play boasts an excellent build for the price point. It has a large 5.5-inch display with a serviceable 403 pixel density and HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. The 2GHZ octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor and 3GB RAM deliver an enjoyable browsing experience, while the 32GB storage can be supplemented by a micro SD slot.>>


  When you are familiar with the features and specifications about this smartphones, I believe you will make a clear conclusion. The Samsung AMOLED screen digitizer is the high-performance and cost-efficient device. When it comes to the display, the Samsung gained the popularity in the current market and function best. Here, I firmly recommend a reliable supplier for the Samsung screen digitizer replacement on This website will give you the professional service and guides as well as a set of tool for your DIY requirements.>>

Chris Paul

  Samsung is good at screen display all the time. This relative new model Samsung Galaxy S6 improves the quality of its cellphone screen display. AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) is a display technology used in smart watches, mobile devices, laptops, and televisions. AMOLED functions as a series of switches to control the current flowing to each individual pixel. Samsung has marketed its version of this technology as "Super AMOLED". This high-advanced technology is popular in the digital market.>>


  The key element for a great smartphone has always been a truly innovative and top performing display, and the best leading edge smartphones have always flaunted their super high tech displays. It's the display performance that determines how good and how beautiful everything on the smartphone looks, including camera photos, and also how usable and how readable the screen remains in high ambient lighting. It's the crown jewel of the smartphone. >>


  The Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series are the way Samsung shows off its latest and greatest OLED displays and display technology. They have been alternately releasing one of these models every six months, so there are two OLED generations per year. Each new generation has provided significant enhancements and improvements, so they leapfrog each other in display performance, resulting in a new Best Performing Display with each new smartphone generation. The Galaxy S6 continues this trend, with display performance that matches or exceeds the Galaxy Note 4, which we measured to be the Best Performing Smartphone Display in 2014 along with the Best Absolute Color Accuracy. The new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are two different versions of the latest Samsung OLED display technology. Both have 5.1 inch high resolution Quad HD 2560x1440 pixel displays with 577 pixels per inch, roughly double the number of pixels on the Galaxy S5 or an HDTV. That's not only the highest pixel count but also the highest pixels per inch (PPI) on any smartphone display. The Galaxy S6 display is made on a traditional perfectly flat and hard screen – it's an enhanced version of the display on the Galaxy S5.>>


  There are many significant display performance improvements in the new Galaxy S6 models, including higher resolution, higher absolute color accuracy, better calibration, higher peak brightness, better screen visibility and readability in high ambient light, and higher display power efficiency, resulting in a number of new performance records for smartphone displays. What is particularly significant and impressive is that Samsung has been systematically improving OLED display performance twice a year with each Galaxy generation since 2010. The most impressive improvements for the Galaxy S6 are in the pixels per inch and resolution.>>


  Most smartphones and tablets only provide a single fixed factory display Color Gamut and color calibration, with no way for the user to alter it based on personal preferences, running applications, or Ambient Lighting levels. A very important capability provided by the OLED Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphones and the Galaxy Tab S tablets is the implementation of Color Management that provides a number of Screen Modes, each with different Color Gamut and levels of user selectable color saturation and display calibration based on user and application preferences. Color Management with multiple and varying Color Gamut are a very useful and important state-of-the-art capability that all displays will need to provide in the future. The Galaxy models are the first to have this capability.>>


  Galaxy S6 provides a very accurate calibration to the Adobe RGB standard, which is rarely available in consumers’ displays, and is very useful for high-end digital photography and other advanced imaging applications. As each successive generation of Samsung has been systematically improving the power efficiency of their OLED displays. We will fully enjoy the high-efficiency display. I firmly recommend this reliable third-party retailer to you on Our screen replacement is high-premium materials. By the way, this Samsung S6 screen digitizer replacementis compatible with the following models: G9200 (Hong Kong), G9208 (China), G9208/SS (China), G9209 (China), G920A (AT&T), and G920F (Global), G920FD (Pakistan, Philippines), G920I (LATAM, Singapore, India, Australia), G920S (Korea), G920T (T-Mobile). >>


“I received a call saying that my daughter needed to get her hair done and she wears her natural and I was kind of taken aback by it,” said her dad, Eric Orr.

He says a school administrator called and said her style wasn’t in line with dress code policy.

“She literally felt, ‘Wow, what's wrong with my hair? The Caucasian girls are able to wear their natural hair straight. Why can't I wear my natural hair the way that it grows?’” said her mom, Secily Wilson.

They were referred to the handbook, where one line in particular stood out.

“It said 'dread-like' hair and so that could be ambiguous and it could give you latitude to target a certain person or a certain group so we felt we needed to address the issue,” Eric Orr explained.

So Nicole’s parents met with the school’s headmaster Monday. FOX 35 sat down with him too and asked why her hair was considered a problem in the first place. .

“My understanding in talking with the dean of students, I think it was more in line with that neat and organized look that we're going for. Not so much the issue of dread locks per se,” said Dr. Kasey Kesselring, Montverde’s headmaster.

But Kesselring says after looking at the hair policy, he agreed the line involving dread lock needed to go so no one is singled out.

“To know that we were able to help our daughter and all the other daughters or boys out there... we feel pretty good about it,” Wilson said.

Montverde is diverse private school near Clermont.

Maria booker

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A Louisiana sheriff said Friday that the fatal shooting of former NFL player Joe McKnight appears to have been a case of "road rage" and defended his decision to release from custody the man who admitted to the shooting.

McKnight, 28, was struck three times after he was shot by a man identified as Ronald Gasser, 54, who authorities have said remained at the scene following the shooting at around 2:43 p.m., officials said.

Gasser was released without charges overnight but the case is still under investigation, Jefferson County Sheriff Newell Normand said.

"Mr. Gasser isn't going anywhere," Normand said. "He has been completely cooperative with us in every request that we have made so that's not the issue." Gasser remained at the scene and admitted to the shooting, the sheriff's office said.

Investigators believe Gasser and McKnight were part of a road rage incident that stretched from the Greater New Orleans Bridge to Terrytown, a route that stretches approximately six miles, officials said. McKnight got out of the gray Audi Q7 he was driving and was at the passenger side of Gasser's vehicle when he was shot, the sheriff's office has said.

Gasser fired three shots from a .40-caliber handgun from the driver's seat of his blue Infinity and through the open passenger side window, the sheriff's office said.

Normand said three casings were found inside the vehicle, and disputed reports in some media outlets and on social media that the shooter fired at McKnight as he the former NFL player was on the ground.

"I would strongly suggest that you stop believing what you're reading, so let me put just a couple of things that I've been made aware of to rest. "Mr. Gasser did not stand over Mr. McKnight and fire shots into him. The three casings were located within the vehicle. Mr. Gasser was in his vehicle when he fired three shots."

He also said no video has been found and police have no witness account of an apology from McKnight to Gasser, contradicting what he said was false information making the rounds.

The coroner, Dr. Gerry Cvitanovich, said an autopsy shows that McKnight was struck three times — in the index finger of his left hand, in his right shoulder and in his right chest. "The wounds are not consistent with being shot from above while [McKnight was] on the ground," he said.

The sheriff was adamant that he had released Gasser so that the sheriff's department could collect more evidence and witness testimony — as they believe there are still more to be found.

The department had been criticized after it released Gasser late Thursday night without pressing charges. Normand said Louisiana has statutes "that provide defenses to certain crimes" but did not elaborate, and said arresting Gasser would have forced police to reveal parts of the investigation.

"External influences will not motivate this office one way or the other as to how we're going to conduct this investigation strategically," Normand said. The sheriff said as many as 40 members of law enforcement were working on the case.

Protesters had collected outside of the sheriff department's office. Normand also said he had received the protest organizers request that the office close a portion of the highway for their demonstration. He made it clear that he would not close any roadways. "It's not going to happen," he said.

"I will work with you to get your message across, but it's not going to be the detriment of the other citizens of Jefferson Parish," he said, explaining that he would not hesitate to arrest demonstrators who did not adhere to local and state laws.

He also dismissed any suggestions that his office was racist or not fully investigating the case. Normand pointed to a longstanding relationship that the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office has held with McKnight's family.

"I'll throw this out there, the gentleman who raised Joe McKnight Jr. used to work for this office," he said. "This office is close to his family."

According to the sheriff, McKnight's guardian was a deputy for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office. NBC News has been unable to confirm this detail. 


A popular African-American Disney actress is coming forward and claiming that she was racially profiled and beaten by police. The actress, Rae’Ven Kelly, appeared in A Time to Kill, Vampire Slayer and Hannah Montana. and she also played the young Tina Turner in the iconic film What’s Love Got To Do With It?

According to Rae’Ven, Los Angeles police RACIALLY PROFILED her and tried to suggest that she “jumped the train” and didn’t pay her fare. Rae’Ven claims that she tried to video the incident for her protection, and the officer assaulted her.

She was arrested, and police tried to get her to “admit” that she was never mistreated. When she denied their request, she was charged with multiple crimes.

Here is her story:


I was recently severely brutalized, racially profiled and accosted in South Pasadena by LA County Sheriffs Dept. While I was being wrongfully accused of not paying my train fare, I presented my receipt respectfully to the officer (which was for not just 1 but, 2 fares with the time & date stamps) when he proceeded to threaten me with a ticket for not paying my fare, I began video taping the incident…the officer told me I could video tape all I wanted and it wouldn’t matter.

Little did I know that he was right…because later after they had slapped handcuffs on me (surrounding me with six officers), slammed my body into a metal bench, groped me during a search, and injured my shoulder and wrist placing me in the police car (laughing referring to me “girl” & saying “well, you know how these people are…yeah I have a black female here…these people”), while I was softly praying to God and crying asking them politely, “What did I do wrong, officer? I’ve paid my fare with a receipt and have been nothing but respectful, sir. I have been completely compliant, never used profanity or raised my voice, officer,”… as I begged for reason through tears of pain from my bruised wrists he grabbed my Gucci bag and cellphone with (my then fiance) Sean still on the phone as a audible witness to everything that had transpired…& took my cell as evidence because they knew I had footage of them attacking me!

Later on at the La Cresenta station I was cursed at, physically abused, denied feminine products as blood soiled my clothes, ridiculed, bruised and laughed at, and when I told them I wouldn’t sign off that I wasn’t harmed the main sheriff blackmailed me by saying that if I reported my injuries then they would be required to take me to the hospital. Once one of the officers at the station recognized me from “Hannah Montana” and “A Time to Kill” they began to call me Miss Kelly and said they would release me with no charges if I lied and said I wasn’t harmed. But, I only wanted to report the truth…so they booked me, giving me a record now


SEATTLE -- A woman who was upset because there were no shopping carts available set fire to a Kent strip mall, prosecutors said in charging documents Thursday.

Linda Katherine Poplawski, 64, is charged with first-degree arson for Sunday's fire at the Dollar Tree Store at the corner of Pacific Highway S. and Kent-Des Moines Road.

Probable cause documents say Poplawski told employees she was going to burn the store down because there were no shopping carts. She allegedly went to part of the store where there were cards and party supplies. She then left the store, telling employees the store was on fire.

The Dollar Tree Store was evacuated, and the fire spread to neighboring businesses. Prosecutors say it took approximately 75 firefighters more than 24 hours to finally put the fire out. Nobody was injured.

Prosecutors say Poplawski stayed at the scene, taking photos and video of the fire as it burned. Police say she was carrying two lighters.


In a shocking reveal, the Pepsi corporation admitted that its Aquafina bottled water is not purified water or spring water, but simply plain old tap water. The company will now be forced to change the labeling of the brand to reflect that it is just tap water.

Many informed customers choose bottled water because they are concerned about the quality of tap water, which is many times riddled with fluoride and pharmaceuticals. Sadly, we are now learning that in many cases, bottled water is actually not any better than tap water.

Over the years, an advocacy group called, “Corporate Accountability International” has been checking the contents of bottled water and pressuring companies to stop their false advertisement.

Aquafina is actually one of the top selling water brands in the world, and may see a slide in sales as a result of these new findings.

 PepsiCo representative Michelle Naughton said in a statement,

“If this helps clarify the fact that the water originates from public sources, then it’s a reasonable thing to do.”

The corporate accountability group is now looking to Coca-Cola’s Dasani bottled water for false advertisement. However, Dasani denies that their product is just tap water.

“We don’t believe that consumers are confused about the source of Dasani water. The label clearly states that it is purified water,” Coca-Cola spokeswoman Diana Garza Ciarlante said.

As reported last year, Major water supplier Niagra Bottling announced that one of their springs was contaminated by E-Coli, causing many leading bottled water companies to recall their products.

via WeAreChange.  Visit them for more great stories

In places like South Florida, where it rains often, rain water collection may provide better water, it seems than the tap or a bottle can provide.  Many fear how plastic sitting at 140 degrees in a hot truck for delivery might effect the quality of bottled water, thus it is often recommended to store water in glass containers.  Tap delivered water must travel through the unknown chasm of pipe-ways to reach our destination.  When compared to the rain option, it sounds dirty, doesn't it?  Rain is distilled natures way, and many health gurus are suggesting that distilled water cleanses are what most of us need!  There are always the consideration of minerals in the water, which happens as it passes through the earth.  This is why mountain spring water is considered more delicious and wholesome due to the natural minerals present.  Also to consider in drier climates is the fact that rain after a dry spell may first remove pollutants from the air before the water becomes "clean."  This is quite noticeable in Oklahoma where it might be a hot dry summer, and a thunderstorm comes through stirring up lots of dust.  A brief rain with large water droplets might leave your car looking like mud.  If it rains long enough to hold the dust down, the water is clean, clear, and drinkable.  

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